Get organized. Get prioritized. Get accomplished. Why are we always waiting to do the good stuff later? Start accomplishing the things that matter THE MOST to you with the Trueprint™ optimization system.

It uses 40 years of research to help you set your priorities and become 150% more effective at accomplishing them.

Need 10 more hours a week?

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"5 Ways To Get Back 10 Hours a Week Now"

What is a Trueprint™?

A personalized 90 day plan and follow-through experience to maximize your motivation and help you quickly make break-through progress on all the things that matter to you at the same time - in about one hour a week.

  • Private one-to-one calls with your Accomplishment Expert
  • The Trueprint™ online program to help you develop your plan with inspiration and examples
  • Your own personal Success Meter with built in priorities calculator that prioritizes for you with custom algorithms that keep you focused on the most valuable thing to do next
  • Research proven, mobile-ready, web-based tools for ongoing prioritization

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What do you want to accomplish?

Better Work

Use the Trueprint to find out where to focus in your current job or a new one, and then make big improvements in your performance.

When your work is great, your confidence soars.

Better Life

Use the Trueprint to figure out what matters to you now, and how to get the most out of this chapter to get an A in life.

When your life is great, your happiness soars.

Better at Both

Use the Trueprint to rock your work and your life at the same time. Know what you want, discover how to get it, get it done.

When your work and your life are great, your impact soars.

Understanding the Mechanics of Motivation

Motivation is a step by step chain reaction. When your motivation chain has a weak link, you slow down. When it’s broken, you get stuck.

We diagnose the break, help you strengthen the link or replace it with something better, and get you back on track to more satisfaction.
Getting your needs met gives you energy to do more. That’s the circle of accomplishment.

Understand The Method

What Humans Are Already Saying About Us

Focused on Growth

"It did not take weeks or even days for the Trueprint™ process to work; it happened from the first conversation."

Sarah McGill , Principal, The Lime Group

Driven to Optimize

"Perfect for my clients who want more than a gym routine."

Mike Terborg, Creator, Director and Head Coach, M-Power Movement

Looking at Life Entirely

"You're going to be surprised how easy it is to take the first step, and then the next one."

Linda Roberts, Corporate Manager Turned Beach Retiree

Advance yourself. Prioritize without giving anything up,
and accomplish what really matters to you.